Study: Social Media Riding High in Revenue Per Click


DM CONFIDENTIAL ClearSaleing recently released its Guide to Market Leadership in 2012 online advertising study, which sets out to identify “the trends and truths that will most highly impact digital marketing in 2012, including improving conversion quality, increasing the focus on customer intent, seeking quality in display media campaigns, enhancing visibility and efficiency in downstream channels, and employing customized attribution to keep ahead of competition.” The results show the strengths of social media and display advertising.

The study had five main points:

1. Improve Conversion Quality – Drive More Revenue: “It is a simple concept – drive incremental customers and increase their revenue per order, and your business revenue will increase,” ClearSaleing writes. The company notes that conversions after social media exposure along a purchase path delivered more than $280 per order, which is far superior to the less than $100 per order for natural search. When a display ad was included in a conversion path, the average revenue per order was $206, nearly 65 percent more than the overall average order value of $135.37.

The takeaway for online marketers is that they should spend more time and effort on growing channels that create better customer relationships, such as social media. They should also pay attention to display and social media as visually and emotionally connected channels.

2. Increase Focus on Consumer Intent: Marketers need to understand their customer target’s conversion path and intent to purchase. ClearSaleing notes that when social media was present in a click path, the social media click generated $5.24 in revenue, 8 percent more than the average of all digital channels analyzed in the study, and more than 84 percent more than the mark achieved from natural search. “Continue to refine your social marketing aptitude and create compelling, two-way conversations with consumers in that channel to see the most significant growth.”

3. Seek Quality in Display Media Campaigns: Premium publishers starting new customer conversations reap rewards, according to ClearSaleing. These publishers boast an “introducer rate” (the ability to introduce and start new customer conversations – advertising interactions starting new purchase paths) of about 8.4 percent, about four times the mark for demand-side platforms.

4. Enhance Visibility and Efficiency in Downstream Channels: ClearSaleing saw that paid search, natural search, comparison shopping engines and email all saw a lift in order credit compared to the last ad order credit.

5. Employ Customized Attribution — Keep Ahead of Competition: For “wise” online marketers, the time has come to plan, analyze and optimize through a comprehensive attribution program, according to ClearSaleing.



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