Local Corp. Releases Self-Serve Real-Time Polling and Reporting Features

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Feb 24, 2012 
Brian LaRue  |

ADOTAS - Local Corporation, which provides solutions to help smaller brick-and-mortar businesses engage online consumers in their local markets, announced yesterday it had added the option of posting real-time polling results in rich media ads created with its Rovion Ad Management Platform (RAMP). RAMP is designed to be a user-friendly, self-service tool with which small business owners can create rich media ads without needing to know code or Flash, and those ads can be viewed both online and on mobile devices. The new polling feature allows users to create their own polls and then display results in real time. Those insights allow a company — or, as a release from Local pointed out in this already-hectic election year — a political campaign to evaluate consumer or public sentiment, measure preferences and quickly refine or revise its advertising messages.

The polling function and the capacity to display results immediate “eliminates the need for technical personnel and, as a result, saves time and reduces cost,” the aforementioned release quotes Local president and COO Michael Sawtell as saying. “Especially with the upcoming 2012 elections, real-time opinion polls in rich media ads that cross mobile and desktop environments can be a powerful tactical advantage for campaigns.” Whether it’s used by a political campaign or a small business, though, functions like this mark a more general, trending progression toward putting more control over the messages in an ad campaign directly in the hands of marketers and business owners.

Adotas Senior Editor Brian LaRue has been working in journalism in some form or another for slightly longer than his entire adult life, having won his first SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Award while he was still in high school. Prior to joining Adotas, he served as a reporter, editor, columnist, critic and blogger, mostly for a number of daily and weekly newspapers scattered around his native Connecticut. In his off hours, Brian maintains an active parallel life as a musician and music blogger.

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