Infographic: “Requiem for the Video Advertising RFP”

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Feb 23, 2012 
Brian LaRue  |

ADOTAS – Today, announced the launch of its new fully-automated media buying platform for online video and television, the Upfront Marketplace. By securing future ad inventory across multiple screens, the company aims to bring video ad buying and selling up to speed with other niches of the online ad industry and with the demands of the booming video ad market. And the technology in play should save media buyers time and administrative costs, allowing them to make more deals with more sellers in less time.

According to a release issued this morning, sellers who want to use the Upfront Marketplace must be pre-qualified. With that approval to participate in the marketplace, there’s no need for the old-school back-and-forth of issuing requests for proposal (RFPs) and responses between sellers and buyers. The marketplace uses audience targeting to match suitable ads to suitable content, and it works across a variety of viewing devices. also issued an entertaining infographic, breaking down the amount of time and money media buyers currently spend on RFPs (38 hours for each — 66 percent of a planner’s time per week — at a cost of over $3,000 a pop) and showing how much time and money they can save through a fully automated system (up to a 65 percent increase in productivity). Sounds like good riddance from over here. Here’s that infographic (click, as always, to enlarge):


Adotas Senior Editor Brian LaRue has been working in journalism in some form or another for slightly longer than his entire adult life, having won his first SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Award while he was still in high school. Prior to joining Adotas, he served as a reporter, editor, columnist, critic and blogger, mostly for a number of daily and weekly newspapers scattered around his native Connecticut. In his off hours, Brian maintains an active parallel life as a musician and music blogger.

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