Infographic: “Five Ways Mobile Devices Have Changed the Way People Consume Media”

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Feb 28, 2012 
Brian LaRue  |

ADOTAS – Mobile ad network InMobi released the results today of its worldwide Mobile Media Consumption survey for the fourth quarter of 2011. While one of the hot stories around the end of 2011 was just how much we relied on our mobile devices to help us shop and eventually make purchases, this survey takes a more holistic approach in how much time we’re spending on our mobiles and what we’re doing with that time. Here’s one pretty significant stat: The survey found we’re spending more time on our mobiles than we are watching TV — 27 percent of our media-consuming time versus 22 percent (that’s, on average, 117 minutes versus 98 minutes). We’re using our mobiles more throughout the process of making a purchase — 42 percent of respondents said their mobiles had “introduced [them] to something new,” 26 percent said their mobiles had helped them “find something nearby” and 13 percent had reconsidered buying a product because of something they’d learned on their mobiles.

To conduct the survey (in conjunction with Decision Fuel and On Device Research), InMobi pulled in 20,000 respondents from 18 markets around the world between September and November of 2011. The company’s created an infographic around those findings (and you can download the whole report at InMobi’s website or watch a video about it). Click on it to enlarge:

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How many mobile devices are there in the world?

Posted by Richard Gabel | 5:52 pm on March 8, 2012.

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