IAB Announces New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio


ADOTAS – Yesterday, during the annual IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Leadership Meeting in Miami Beach, Fla., the Bureau released a new standard ad unit portfolio, the first update to its portfolio since 2003. Prior to amending the portfolio, the IAB conducted research with IPG Media Lab, collecting data from tech companies that could measure emotional response, monitor gaze and attentiveness (via eye-tracking and facial coding, that is) and measure brand lift, and they found the rich media ad units previously known as Rising Stars generated, according to an IAB release, noticeably more user engagement than the longtime standard — users were 2.5 times times more likely to interact with a Rising Stars unit, spent twice as much time interacting with the ad, viewed the ad for 31 percent more time and responded to the ad twice as quickly as the standard model. According to the aforementioned release, when surveyed about the Rising Stars ads, study participants said they were “more ‘enjoyable’ and ‘engaging’” than other display ads and that the ads “’improved [their] impression of this web site’ and their opinion of the brand,” opposed to other display ads.

IAB president and CEO Randall Rothenberg was quoted as saying the Rising Stars units “offer more space, greater functionality, and a broader range of user experiences, providing a collection of next-generation interactive canvases designed to leverage the rich, immersive benefits of digital.” As such, they’ve been added to the new portfolio, which is also designed to offer several different standard units for different campaign objectives. The current guidelines are now posted on the IAB’s website.



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