Facebook to Serve Mobile Ads in Coming Weeks


ADOTAS – According to a Financial Times report, Facebook will begin serving ads through its mobile apps and the mobile version of the Facebook site. Reportedly, the ads will be called “featured stories,” which is consistent with Facebook-speak, and they’ll be rolled out in a few weeks, which translates to, if this development is anything like the launch of Facebook’s Timeline, sometime between a  few weeks and several months. The ads will appear in each user’s Facebook news stream on a mobile device, and it won’t be possible to block them. Twitter does this already with “promoted tweets,” but Twitter gives users the option of deleting promoted tweets (which isn’t an option for tweets by anyone a user follows), which to some degree lessens any annoyance of happening upon an unsolicited post in one’s stream. Whether Facebook will offer the same option remains to be seen.

Facebook’s IPO filing last week claimed no “meaningful revenue from the use of Facebook mobile products.” Mobile ads would conveniently address that issue, at least for the time being.


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