eXelate Launches Campaign-Specific, Real-Time Audience Targeting


ADOTAS – Earlier today, data management and marketing company eXelate launched maX (which stands for, creatively enough, “modeled audience eXtension”) data, a new offering from the key data player that combines proprietary first-party data and huge amounts of third-party data to allow for ad campaigns that a statement from eXelate called three to five times “better… than traditional data and contextual targeting.” maX data is designed to be highly customized, building up audience segments in real time based on the advertiser’s campaign goals and continuing to optimize data to perform increasingly well for the demands of that campaign throughout the campaign’s duration (the company’s referring to that optimization process as Adaptive Audience IntelligenceTM).

“This is kind of the next generation” of behavioral targeting, said eXelate CRO Damian Garbaccio in a recent phone conversation. He explained how maX data leverages eXelate’s “premium data” from online and offline sources, including from the company’s partnership with Nielsen — “billions of data points,” he said — with first-party data. “This is a much more intelligent, easier and more scalable way of reaching your target,” Garbaccio said. “It’s really working with brands, but it’s also working with agencies.” And it allows media buyers to “take some of the guesswork out” when it comes to buying an audience. “Each product can have a modeled audience,” he explained. And as the campaign continues, maX data continually adds data to it — entire audience segments, even — making the targeting even more accurate, ideally. That’s some real specificity. And yet, Garbaccio says, “We’re integrated with every distribution channel,” and the technology operates across any platform.

If it sounds like a fairly exclusive model, it is. “This is a model that’s not meant for wide use,” Garbaccio pointed out. It’s so highly specialized, he used the same adjective twice in a row to describe it: “This is custom, custom data for campaigns, made for a [specific] client,” he said. So far, over the last three months, during which time he said “we’ve been doing it commercially” for just a few clients, seven brands have worked with maX data. And there’s room for growth, still. Garbaccio mentioned retargeting as a being a small part of the whole equation. “What we’re trying to do is open it up and make it scalable,” he said. “It’s something that no one ever doesn’t want to do.”



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