Agency Survey: Conversion Rates Valued More than Engagement Metrics


ADOTAS – According to a new survey conducted by digital advertising campaign optimization company Maxifier, agencies value conversion rates more than they value engagement metrics. In the survey of U.S. and U.K. digital ad agency execs, 68 percent said that in a display campaign focused on brand awareness, they viewed conversion rates as either extremely or very important, while 59 percent valued brand engagement more. And agencies on either side of the pond are split have slightly different priorities when it comes to measuring a campaign’s effectiveness: U.S. advertisers see cost per conversion, conversion rates and increase in brand awareness as equally important, while U.K. advertisers rank CPC highest, followed by new business sign-ups, then conversion rate.

A release issued by Maxifier this morning cited “growing” interest in optimization for brands and direct response campaigns, adding campaigns are optimized, on average, 10 times per campaign in the U.S. and 11 times per campaign in the U.K. The survey also found 10 percent of all websites, in both brand and direct response campaigns combined, are eventually dropped from a campaign, which places increased pressure on publishers to assure their ads are performing as desired.

“An interesting finding was that there seemed to be a lot of confusion about the meaning of the word ‘optimization,’” the release quoted Maxifier CEO Jonathon Shaevitz as saying. “This means it is important at the start of any campaign to ensure the publisher, agency and client clearly understand what is meant by optimization to ensure the right action is being taken and to avoid any disputes at the end of the campaign.”

The survey also showed a noticeable difference in the technology used on either side of the Atlantic to buy or sell ads (which a release from Maxifier this morning described as a “more mature online advertising landscape in the U.S.”): 22 percent of the U.S. agencies surveyed said they used a DSP, while only 14 percent of the U.K. agencies said so, and 32 percent of U.S. agencies said they used exchanges, as opposed to 24 percent in the U.K.


  1. I just wanted to clarify one key point. Our research actually found that, on average, brand campaigns are optimized 10 times (and 11 times for direct response), rather than 10% of brand campaigns are optimized – a very important difference. Overall, optimization has become a key component of every campaign today, where it’s a branding or performance. This means publishers need to have the right tools to ensure they can deliver to the advertiser’s objectives and remain relevant and on the plan.


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