The User Data Ecosystem, Visualized


ADOTAS – When you start to think about which companies with what aspects of data, the effect can be kind of head-spinning. Audience measurement, exchanges, aggregation, verification — where does it fit together? Which companies operate in multiple spaces, and which seemingly disparate corners of online data are actually related?

A summary of the gathering and usage of online user data, written by the Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs and BlueKai and issued earlier in January, aims to make sense of it all. (Read the full report here.) To give you a visual, something to place all of these companies and their various functions on your “mental map,” BCG has put together something like an actual map of the field. Take a look, and now when you hear about any of these data niches and any of the companies working with online data, hopefully the picture in your own mind won’t be quite so nebulous. (Click the image to enlarge.)



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