Social Graph 33Across Acquires Tynt, Reaches 1.25 Billion Users


ADOTAS – Today, social ad targeting company (and self-described “social graph”) 33Across announced it had acquired Tynt Multimedia, a company that creates software that analyzes user engagement for online publishers. Since 33Across looks at social data from over 200 million internet users, and Tynt works with over 500,000 publishers worldwide (including the New York Post, Politico, National Geographic, the Sun, NBC Universal, IndiaTimes and eHow, to name a few of the more prominent names), the newly-combined company now reaches 1.25 billion users, by its estimates, which the company says renders it the world’s largest supplier of social graph data. Yes, even bigger than either Google or Facebook, with 1 billion and 800 million users respectively.

Tynt looks at copy-and-paste activity on publisher’s websites (“copy/paste is still the largest form of social sharing on the web,” Tynt CEO David Mandelbrot said in a release issued this morning) and automatically inserts attribution links to the shared text. 33Across targets ads on social media by considering who the most loyal followers of certain brands are. “We look at the strength of individual ties,” 33Across president Matt Arkin explained today in a phone conversation. “We look at some of the interests and behaviors of groups, and we look at the most beneficial places to target.” With these two companies joining together, said Arkin, the idea is that 33Across’ technology can do the same thing for publishers that it’s done for marketers and brands. “They’re all looking for more audiences,” he said, regarding online publishers. “They’re all looking for more insights on those audiences,” to develop ad strategies, to improve their search results and, of course, to “generate better and better content for their audiences.”

“You’re finding a bit of a collision going on,” Arkin said of the marketing and publishing worlds. “More publishers are becoming like marketers themselves,” by “find[ing] people most loyal to their content” and appealing to them and the people close to them online.”

Bringing 33Across’ capabilities to make sense of huge amounts of social data is, Arkin said, would be beneficial to publishers in a few ways. “Everything we read, all the wine we drink, all the golf clubs we buy — it’s more and more a social interaction,” he said. “We don’t do much without the input of our friends.” And furthermore, 33Across brings to the table the opportunity for Tryst-affiliated publishers to advertise through a national exchange and to “have premium ads at a premium price.”

And Tryst brings to the table its global reach — “more uniques than some of the biggest players out there,” said Arkin. “It makes us a global player.”



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