Quick Hits: Google+ Hits 49 Million December Visitors, Trada Gets $9M in Funding, Predicting Iowa Via Twitter


ADOTAS – According to an Experian study, Google + saw 49 million visitors in December — a 55 percent increase from the previous month. While it’s impossible at this point to whether those numbers suggest substantially increased engagement on the network and how much is traffic from new users or older users curious about its newer features, we can at least hold that 55 percent increase in traffic up against a study that determined 24 percent of Google+ users joined in December alone. Here’s a chart laying out that growth over a slightly longer period than just the last two months:




Denver, Colo. pay-per-click advertising marketplace Trada has evidently raised $9 million in funding. While Trada hasn’t announced yet, Colorado publication Daily Camera said it had gleaned that figure from documents the company had filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Mashable and Global Point Research are using Twitter to try to predict the outcome of the Iowa Republican caucus. Looking at data collected from “positive sentiment on Twitter” last week, the study points to a huge surge in Rick Santorum support… kind of like the one the media’s talking about right now. Hmm…

According to a recent survey from Poll Position, 56 percent of Americans don’t think we’ll ever have a paperless society. However, 20 percent were either undecided or had no opinion, which seems like a strangely large slice of the pie…  Perhaps we’re biased, but does 56 percent seem a little high to all of you?


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