Forrester’s SSP Report Released

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Jan 3, 2012 
Brian LaRue  |

ADOTAS – Forrester Research issued its long-awaited Forrester Wave Report on sell-side platforms today. (This announcement comes three weeks after the research firm released its 2011 report on demand-side platforms.) According to a statement from Forrester, the company applied 34 criteria to the platforms it looked at, including current offering, strategy and market presence. “We found that AppNexus and Admeld led the pack,” analyst Michael Greene wrote in a summary of the report, “because of their highly granular controls for publishers and proven ability to support a diverse array of sales opportunities.” However, Greene pointed out, other companies — PubMatic and Rubicon Project chiefly, he said — present “strong competition” to the market leaders, to which he credits those companies’ development efforts. AppNexus remained the only company ranked on both sell and demand sides.

The Wave Report will surely receive loads of attention in the coming days and weeks, as the leading platforms celebrate their victories and people throughout the industry take a closer look at the criteria Forrester used. The DSP report from last month was murmured about by some who wondered if the criteria were fair metrics for judging such a company’s success — like, for example, one point that evaluated companies for their number of employees. In a field where the merits of a business ride on the merits of its technology, some pointed out, a smaller staff should probably be seen as preferable to a larger staff.


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