eXelate, Nielsen Catalina Solutions Partner to Bring CPG Data Online


ADOTAS – Big-time data management and marketplace service eXelate announced today it’s joining up with big-time ad analytics firm Nielsen Catalina Solutions, with the goal of helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers deliver more relevant digital ads to consumers, based on those consumers’ purchase behavior in brick-and-mortar stores.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions is the joint operation of precision marketing company Catalina and research giant Nielsen, and it provides single-source analytics to gauge the performance of CPG marketers’ ad campaigns. eXelate manages a data cloud consisting of online and offline data for 300 million users around the world. eXelate’s data “expands Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ digital footprint” (as a press release put it), and the partnership allows “a select list of online media partners” to reach their prime audience and measure ROI, optimizing the process via a closed loop system.

This partnership is the most recent fruit of a professional relationship between the two companies dating back to the 2010 that has also yielded the offline data set Prizm, which brought Nielsen’s offline segmentation data into eXelate’s data platform. “a little over a year ago,” he said. With this new partnership, eXelate CEO Mark Zagorski said in a recent phone conversation, the two companies can provide “the same CPG targeting for the online world that brands have offline.” Instead of targeting ads by demographics, “we can now move to… purchase proclivity.” Now the companies have the combined ability to “capture offline CPG purchase data — products like shampoo, cereal, that kind of good stuff — [and] bring it online.

“The online world is always trying to steal revenue from the offline world,” Zagorski explained, saying eXelate tries to pick up that revenue “on our own terms, our own metric. For a lot of brands and CPG companies, they just don’t get it. We need to speak their language. We need to get that data online.”

Zagorski pointed out eXelate is putting privacy protocol into place, and that the partnership with Nielsen Catalina Solutions preserves those privacy preferences. “We recognize the Do Not Track header,” he said. “We offer a preference manager” so users can “clearly understand the data being collected.”

This partnership, Zagorski said, will ideally yield, in part, a clearer vision of “cross-media attribution. We need to do a better job of tying the online data to offline data,” he said, including the consumer’s relationship to “products you see online but don’t buy online.”



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