Adometry Releases Enhanced Attribution Software Suite

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Jan 20, 2012 
Brian LaRue  |

ADOTAS - Ad attribution and verification tech company Adometry has announced it’s released an updated and enhanced version of its Adometry Ad Analytics Suite. With the Suite 2.0, advertisers can start engaging with the attribution and optimization capabilities in a speedier fashion (as little as two weeks, according to a statement from Adometry) and without interrupting site operations. Key elements include the capacity to determine which sites are redundant and which can provide lift, even when they’re reaching the same audience; insights about the number of times an advertiser should show the same ad to the same user before reaching a point of diminishing returns; insights about which audiences perform best and where on the web they perform, using data from partners like Nielsen, Acxiom, TARGUSInfo and DataLogix; and better-organized data reporting for advertisers.

Adometry’s aim is to show advertisers where conversion happens in the course of a campaign and what factors might drive that conversion. The new version of the Analytics Suite is, CEO Paul Pellman said in a recent phone conversation, “part of this virtual cycle, a flywheel,” in which a new product attracts new clients, who offer more suggestions that lead to changes to the product on Adometry’s end. Pellman said he’s seen “accelerated interest in the marketplace” for the kind of attribution Adometry performs. “We’re starting to see a change [to a] more robust approach that drives objective finding,” he explained. He contrasts this with methods that focus on a specific point in the process of conversion, instead of looking at a broader picture and a “data-driven approach.” For example, he said, “Last-event attribution is basically a subjective approach.” Pellman said this updated Analytics Suite — and Adometry’s goal in general — takes a deeper, more specific look at “what kind of people are responding,” he said, and “how people are converting, what’s driving them to convert. All this helps marketers develop strategies and tactics [and] build their next campaign. You never sit back and say, ‘Oh, we’re done. We’ve got the perfect campaign.’” And to plot out those strategies, he said, “you need the tools to really do it.”

Adotas Senior Editor Brian LaRue has been working in journalism in some form or another for slightly longer than his entire adult life, having won his first SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Award while he was still in high school. Prior to joining Adotas, he served as a reporter, editor, columnist, critic and blogger, mostly for a number of daily and weekly newspapers scattered around his native Connecticut. In his off hours, Brian maintains an active parallel life as a musician and music blogger.

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