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ADOTAS – Vizu, a company that uses Brand Lift metrics to measure and optimize the effectiveness of brand advertising, recently held its first Customer Advisory Board meeting, at which executives and other industry figures discussed current and future approaches to online marketing. As a press release issued earlier this week states, the attendees, which included representatives from Liverail, Tribal Fusion, Undertone, Sharethrough, Horizon Media, FRWD, Compass Point Media, Specific Media, Audience Science, ValueClick and WPP Team Detroit, “unanimously agreed that direct-response metrics are a poor proxy for consumer opinion, and that the industry needs to shift to using true brand metrics for measuring and optimizing brand advertising.” Looking specifically at Brand Lift data, they revealed case studies asserting such data has boosted their online brand advertising results from anywhere between 20 and 80 percent. They also pointed to the importance of collaboration between media sellers and buyers, going into the future, revealing case studies that, per a press release, “showed material gains can be achieved when everyone is looking at the same data, in the same system, in real time, and jointly making decisions.” Video advertising was one key topic, as to be expected, with Horizon Media supervisor of brand strategy Ken Solano calling it “inherently a branding medium, and like all other brand advertising requires appropriate metrics to measure and optimize its performance.”

Below, have a look at photos of some of the attendees (broken down by slide number and identified left to right).

2976: Ken Solano, Jason Smith (both Horizon Media), Dina Smyth, Nick Rau, (both Vizu)

2977: Jenny Campbell (Vizu), Scott Stopper (Annalect)

2978: Kelly Mullins (WildTangent), Greg Olson (Audience Science), Aimee Gerry (Vizu)

2988: Scott Stopper (Annalect), John Moffett (Vizu)

2992: Dina Smyth (Vizu), James Kreckler (Rodale)


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