Twitter Dumps Its PR Agency


ADOTAS – Aren’t you supposed to wait until after the holidays to make a move like this? Twitter has cut ties with Edelman, its PR agency, after but a brief working relationship, according to a report in Ad Age that cites an unnamed Edelman executive. Furthermore, it’s unclear right now whether Twitter intends to immediately bring a new PR firm on board at all. In October, Karen Wicke became Twitter’s first editorial director, occupying a new role which, as she explained in an October All Things D report, “would include nurturing a consistent Twitter voice across our public messages and information pages.” That sounds a more or less like PR — and meanwhile, Twitter is something of a worldwide, self-perpetuating communication machine. Its media presence is practically guaranteed, and maintaining a good image doesn’t seem to require much damage control.

Twitter had hired Edelman in September, but later in the fall, Twitter’s vice president for consumer marketing, Pam Kramer, and its communications lead, Sean Garrett, both left the company. Somewhere around that time, according to the exec Ad Age quotes, Edelman “did what we were asked and sort of moved on.” Few details are available right now, but voices throughout the media are speculating, not without reason, that Twitter’s recently revamped management team simply wasn’t into the idea of working with a big-name PR agency.



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