Quick Hits: Top Brands Move into Google+, Unruly’s “Viral Spiral,” comScore/Neilsen Deal Good for Advertisers?


ADOTAS – According to a report issued by BrightEdge, 77 of the world’s top 100 brands have Google+ pages now, up from 61 a month ago. These top brands now have about 148,000 Google+ followers, cumulatively. Starbucks “nearly quadrupled” its Google+ followers just in the last month, the report says, and H&M and Pepsi both cleared 20,000 people in their circles. By comparison, 93 percent of the top 100 brands are on Facebook, and those brands have nearly 300 million Facebook fans.

The resolution of the patent dispute between competing audience measurement firms comScore and Nielsen brings the two leviathans to a curious impasse, but reportedly Deutsche Bank securities analyst Matt Chesler has said the decision will be good for the online ad industry. “In reality, this may also create more of a two-horse race in digital measurement,” he claimed, “which could have ramifications for the balance of power across the [ad] industry and with customers.” What do you think? What are the implications for advertisers?

Video content distribution start-up Contendo has been acquired by Akamai, a competing company, for $268 million. Before the deal, rumors pegged the going rate at $350 million, but hey, you take what you can.

Check this out: Better than an infographic, it’s Unruly Media’s Viral Spiral, showing “the exponential growth of social video sharing” for ads between 2006 and 2011. Wow, four years go by fast… and 4.9 million shares for a Volkswagen ad is a ton of shares.

We’ve been posting a lot about the cloud lately, but for a contrarian view, there’s a story on GigaOM today about how the cloud is over and collaboration is where it’s at.


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