Quick Hits: Third Quarter Ad Spend Growth Wasn’t Good, Google+ Pages Changes, Infographic


ADOTAS – Kantar Media‘s stats for U.S. ad spending in the 2011 third quarter came out, and they note growth of only 0.4 percent. The first quarter saw 4.1 percent growth, and the second 2.8 percent. Kantar senior vice president of research Jon Swallen explained the spending slowdown by citing budget reductions among a growing number of major marketers in the third quarter. A split picture emerged in internet advertising: Display ad spend was up 15.8 percent in the third quarter and 10.1 percent over the first three quarters, but paid search fell 14.4 percent in the third and 2.1 percent overall since the beginning of the year.

Google+ announced it’ll be rolling out some new changes very soon, including a number of significant changes for Google+ Pages. A page will be able to have up to 50 administrators. There’ll be a notification flow for page admins, which is designed to alert them to whatever activity is happening on the page, so they can interact on a more personal level with people who are engaging with the page. And there’ll be an aggregated count of users who have added a “+1” to a page or added it to one of their circles. These are changes that are poised to make the social network/not-social network (depending on who you ask, Google or anyone else) more amenable to businesses and organizations. Here’s a video from Google+ explaining some of the changes:

Social media and marketing company Mr. Youth has shared a new infographic looking at how social media usage affects the way people spend money on their holiday shopping. Check it out:



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