Quick Hits: iCrossing Acquires Red Aril, Facebook Launches a Post-able Subscribe Button


Digital marketing agency iCrossing has acquired DMP (data management and audience optimization platform) Red Aril, the companies announced today. (For some background, read this Adotas piece on Red Aril’s approach to data management.) In creating a real-time, cross-channel view of audiences, Red Aril was certainly desirable to iCrossing. In a press release, Red Aril CEO Jim Soss said that with his company’s platform, “iCrossing clients will have one view of the customer in real time to drive personalization at scale and, in turn, campaign performance.”

Facebook is launching a subscriber button for websites. Via a click on the “subscribe” button on a public figure’s site, Facebook users will be able follow all the news from that person. It’s been possible to subscribe to people in such a way through Facebook itself for a couple months, and it’s been possible to “like” a business or organization for ages (which allows “likers” to see all news from that organization), so making the subscribe button available to drop on an individual of note’s own site  is a natural development.

But, if we’re talking about social media and its marketing potential, check out this study eMarketer shared today: Digital marketing agency lonelybrand surveyed senior marketing executives from advertising and PR firms whether they purchased ads on social networks, and only 17 percent said they did. Among those who said they did, though, 23 percent said their companies were spending $10,000 per month on those ads.


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