Pandora Broadcasts Backstage Footage from Concert Series, Holds Onto Concert Footage Itself


ADOTAS – Personalized online radio service Pandora announced today it’s launching an online accessory to its live concert series, complete with backstage footage, interviews with the musicians and their fans, clips of the performance and an extensive “mixtape” (a Pandora station, actually, combining selections from the members of the featured act and from Pandora’s song-selecting algorithm).

It’s called “Pandora Presents,” and it’s an interesting (arguably inevitable?) way of getting beyond playlists and into video and truly exclusive content, but let’s point the thing Pandora is not presenting through this service is complete footage from the concerts themselves. The live music series kicked off on Dec. 13 in Portland, Ore., with the alt-country band Dawes (pictured) — and with free admission, thanks to sponsor Budweiser — and it’ll continue in various cities with various acts. This makes admission to any of the concerts a bit more of a precious commodity, and considering Pandora selects invitees based on the stations they’ve created and songs they’ve played and approved of, the live series as a whole appears to be a good way to entice listeners to engage more with the service.


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