Monthly Facebook Mobile Apps Users Are 300 Million Strong


ADOTAS – Around 40 percent of all active users of Facebook use Facebook mobile apps on a monthly basis, according to a recently released study by Benedict Evans, tallying the numbers for Enders Analysis. Monthly active users of Facebook mobile apps cleared 300 sometime over the last few days, the report says. Facebook claims 800 million active users in total these days.

In September, Evans pointed out, Facebook claimed 350 million total mobile users, a figure that included both mobile web users and mobile apps users. At the time, Facebook claimed about 250 million people were accessing Facebook via mobile apps on a monthly basis. Looks like it’s been quite an autumn for mobile, then, when Facebook can mark 20 percent growth in this particular market in just one season.

On a daily basis, Evans’ figures show Android pulling ahead of iPhone and iPod Touch in mobile app usage, but iPhone/iPod Touch still trumps Android on a monthly basis (100.4 million for the former, to 87.8 million for the latter). “Meanwhile the iOS and Android apps are on the way to being one platform, with Facebook moving them more and more towards being wrappers for a common HTML5 experience,” Evans wrote. “Next year Facebook will treat that user base as less of a mobile extension to the desktop experience and more as the core product — starting with advertising. What will that do to mobile CPMs, I wonder?”

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