Mobile Ecommerce Proves Extra-Popular This Christmas and Dec. 26


ADOTAS – If there’s one thing we First Worlders enjoy more than buying things, it’s immediacy. This premise played out extremely clearly this past holiday weekend, per IBM’s Benchmark reports. The denouement after Christmas dinner used to just be a time for making awkward small talk with relatives and pretending to watch football, but now we’re collectively pulling out our smartphones and tablets and getting in some e-shopping (presumably fueled by — fresh new gift cards and cash gifts? disappointment in one’s existing loot? well,  that’s fodder for another study).

In any case, here’s the rundown: Online sales were 16.4 percent higher this Dec. 25 than they were on last year’s Christmas. Mobile traffic on ecommerce sites was 117.8 percent higher this Christmas than last, and mobile sales were up 172.9 percent from that date last year. That means 18.3 percent of all web traffic on ecommerce sites came from mobile devices on Sunday, and 14.4 percent of all online purchases happened on mobile devices. Seven percent of all online shopping took place on an iPad, 6.4 percent on an iPhone and around 5 percent on an Android device. And we didn’t stop shopping on Monday, either (maybe because so many of us had the day off?). Online sales were up 27.8 percent from last Dec. 26, mobile traffic on retail sites was up 109.3 percent this year, and mobile purchases were up 164.9 percent. Mobile traffic accounted for 16.4 percent of all traffic on retail sites this Dec. 26, and 11.3 percent of all online sales were conducted with a mobile device.

As a side note, that’s not all we were doing with our smartphones and tablets this year: We were also downloading apps. A lot of apps. In a study out today, Flurry estimated 242 million app downloads this Dec. 25 — a rise of 125 percent over the first three weeks of December (108 million downloads estimated for Dec. 1 through Dec. 20). After all, folks have to break in those new devices they’ve just unwrapped by downloading something.


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