Mixpo’s Gambit for More Effective In-Video Surveys


ADOTAS – Video advertising technology provider Mixpo recently rolled out BrandMeasure, a feature that incorporates a quantitative survey directly into a video ad, as a widget or an overlay, at no additional charge to the advertisers. The idea is that by adding a simple survey and paying attention to the results, advertisers can better gauge ROI on an ad campaign, and can incorporate the figures it generates as market research, as a tool for determining customers’ attitudes towards a brand, for campaign optimization, and so on. Mixpo points to the implications for the retail, broadcast and entertainment, auto and dining industries, as well as for political campaigns.

It sounds like a nifty twist on the standard survey feature, and an example on Mixpo’s website reveals a survey that’s unobtrusive, straightforward and simple. But while a survey is a great way to learn how customers interact with a brand or a campaign — you don’t want to simply know who‘s interested in the brand, you want to know why and how — it does demand that extra step of choosing to click on that survey. How do you make people want to do that, rather than proceeding with whatever they went online to do in the first place?

In a recent conversation, Mixpo vice president Walter Harp acknowledged the challenge therein. “If you’ve asked me if I want to fill out a survey, you’ve already gotten one answer out of me,” he said. But one way to get over that hump is lead with the first question, rather than with a request to take the survey. Another method, he said, is to allow viewers to “choose the ad or fill out a survey. Or another way we can do it is post-roll.” Right now, they’re seeing results of “a .01 response rate all the way up to .05. It depends on the survey,” Harp explained. With a survey at the beginning of a video, he said the response rate is around “.03. Some are up to .08. We’re experimenting with the midstream pop-up. That gets about a .01.”

Harp said the goals with BrandMeasure right now have to do with “further driving the appeal. Part of the next version will be incentivizing.” Mixpo’s still considering what those incentives to viewers might be. Meanwhile, regarding the company’s clients, Harp said, “On an analytic side, we’re doing the optimization.”

Surveys incorporated into ads seem to be a fine method of learning about an ad campaign’s audience via information the people in that audience willingly and consciously provide. The challenge will be to turn the process of answering survey questions into something viewers do routinely. Harp suspects, wherever in that process the industry at large may be, it’s heading in that direction. “I think this is going to be standard,” he said. “Is it exacting? It’s not. [Advertisers] can manage the entire funnel. We’re just offering it up as a standard part of the practice.”


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