YuMe Jumps Into Connected TV Advertising With LG


ADOTAS – Always proud of its cross-channel capabilities, video tech firm YuMe has just opened on a big new front for advertisers — Internet-connected television. In a tech partnership with YuMe, LG Electronics has introduced an ad platform for its Internet-connected TVs and TV-related devices to serve targeted and relevant advertising in the navigation system (what some of us old-schoolers still refer to as a menu).

In addition, the platform will support in-app advertising for television app developers through the LG SDK and YuMe’s Ace for Publishers platform. In addition, YuMe will also offer developers inventory management, monetization and optimization capabilities. App developers will have their pick of a variety of demand portals, including YuMe’s Connected Audience Network.

The platform is integrated into all LG Smart TV HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc™ players, Smart TV Upgraders and other LG Smart TV products. In addition to support for display banners, video banners and in-stream video ads, the platform will be capable of serving newer units that are search-related or feature click-to-application call to actions.

“Even as consumer attention fractures, we offer brands a way to seamlessly reach consumers at every stage of interaction with the TV, and across all platforms and devices; and as the interactive TV market grows we expect to be the leader in delivering relevant advertising to consumers,” said YuMe CEO Jayant Kadambi.

In November, LG and Yume will run pilot campaigns in the U.S. with charter advertiser Toyota Motors U.S.A. and other brands; broader rollout to advertisers is expected in spring 2012.


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