Quick Hits: Winners and Losers of Google’s Freshness Update


ADOTAS – Following Google‘s rollout last week of a new algorithm intended to pull up fresher and more timely search results — which Google figured would impact about 35% of all searches — Searchmetrics has analyzed the big winners and losers (in terms of visibility) since the changeover. Winners, they’ve found, fall into categories like brands (i.e. the Rock and Roll Hall of FameScottrade and, in case you’d forgotten about them, Napster), news and celebrity news sites (Salon.comHello Magazine), and TV and video sites (YouTube, AOL TV). Losers are harder to categorize, but they include UnivisionStyleListThe570.com and Comcast.

According to a joint survey by Sybase 365 and the Mobile Marketing Association, 62% of the 1,000 consumers polled would be willing to make purchases with their mobile devices during the holiday season if motivated through coupons, discounts, text alerts, gift cards or even loyalty points. That’s double the number who said the same the year before. More interesting, a quarter claimed they would be more likely to make mobile payments if the solution was offered by their financial institution — 18% would be enticed if their credit card company offered that ability, while 22% would appreciate it coming from PayPal. But what about Google?

Facebook has acquired Strobe, a business that helps developers distribute apps to multiple platforms at the same time. Strobe’s development platform (which is in beta and will remain available for a while) uses HTML5, which is of interest to Facebook as it works toward creating a common app platform — as is Strobe’s founder, Charles Jolley, evidently. Business Insider is calling the acquisition a talent hire.

ChoiceStream has added Audience Intelligence Reports to its CRUNCH Audience Targeting Platform, which uses the company’s proprietary intent data to predict audience reaction to brand messages. In addition to detailed audience demographic and engagement reports, the feature offers visual representation of how segments react to display campaigns.

Rocket Fuel has introduced Social Booster for Facebook, a data-driven tool for automating the creation, monitoring and management of display campaigns on the social network.

Adobe has opened its Project Adthenticate — with the goal of streamlining ad validation and trafficking process for advertisers and publishers — to the wider online advertising community through a public beta.



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