Quick Hits: Foursquare Revamped and Other Social Media News


The “New Foursquare” went live this afternoon. With interactive maps, a comments section, recommended spots suited to the time of day and suggestions of brands to follow, the re-imagined Foursquare is more conducive to viewing on a tablet or a home computer — and it’s also more in line with the features of Yelp-style review/”discovery” websites.

EdgeRank has released a study finding that, on average, each comment posted to Facebook generates a little over four times the number of clicks as a “like” does. Wednesdays, for one reason or another, generated the highest ratio of clicks over the course of an average week.

A week ago today, Google announced the arrival of the long-awaited Google+ Pages. The company announced another notching-up in the process today, as social media management companies Buddy Media, HootSuite, Context Optional, Hearsay Social, Involver and Vitrue will now have access to pages. They’ll be working with a limited number of clients, and the features available to those companies will be limited at the moment as well, in a Google-sanctioned test drive, presumably to perfect the pages feature before turning loose the public at large.

In other Google news, if you don’t want your AP saved in Google’s Location Server (the database of global access points that the company says is used not to identify, but to locate users of mobile devices), you can opt out now, simply by adding “_nomap” to the end of your mobile SSID. It’s a gesture of transparency worth noting in light of Google’s recent grapplings with European authorities regarding privacy laws.



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