Korrelate Teams With TidalTV To Take On The Automotive Industry


ADOTAS – Korrelate, provider of the first census-based, privacy-sensitive link between digital marketing efforts and purchases, announced a partnership today with TidalTV, giving the video advertising platform and solutions provider access to Korrelate’s O2O (online to offline) solution.

This solution is meant to help advertisers supplement click-throughs and other COA metrics with a census-based correlation to actual purchases. Through this partnership, TidalTV will be able to connect online in-stream video ads to offline purchases on behalf of their automotive advertising clients.

Automotive advertising is one of the largest verticals in online video. Using the O2O solution, these advertisers will now be able to determine how many users who view the online video ad actually purchase a vehicle, and if so, what type of vehicle they purchased. The technology can also determine the most appropriate consumers to target and measure how exposure to a given ad directly influences purchase behavior.

Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO of TidalTV, stated, “By marrying the addressable targeting capabilities of online video with the real-world purchasing data provided through Korrelate, we can offer automotive advertisers the first solution that truly allows them to measure, optimize and maximize their investment in the medium.”

Curt Viebranz, CEO of Korrelate, said, “Our new video partner now has a resource that isn’t replicated by TV. The ability to tie online marketing to offline purchases will help pave the way for the influx of branding dollars online.”


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