Kazazz Offers New SEM & SEO Opportunities


ADOTAS – Introducing Kazazz, a new search engine that provides live social search results for its users. Users search on the landing page for Kazazz and stay on the site to view results as they happen. Kazazz Live Social Search users spend over 10 minutes per visit viewing live social search results based on the company’s most recent site statistics.

These statistics give advertisers the ability to show their ads to customers for longer periods of time, building brand awareness and new leads. Kazazz offers PPC advertising that parallels their live social search results.

A search engine where users stay on the search engine longer could also have an impact on SEM and SEO practices. Kazazz search results are dynamic, created by the public in response to the current activities in their lives and change on a continuous basis. This could lead to a new field of live SEO that centers around activities, news, events, television shows and sports.



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