Google+ Products Are Here to Stay


ADOTAS – The founders of Google have come under criticism in the press for limited use of their Google+ product — “Google Management Doesn’t Use Google+” —  and that management should be using the social network more. This is certainly a great observation, but even if the founders of Google are not actively using their own product, Google+ and Google +1 are here to stay.

Five reasons why everyone can cry wolf, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin may not care:

1) The Google+ products should be looked at as one entity – Google+ and Google +1 are interconnected

While Google + and Google +1 can live independently of each other, as one entity they are a forced to be reckoned with. Google+ provides users the ability to self-segment, which could prove quite lucrative for advertisers should Google ever provide the ability to serve sponsored links on Google+.

Concurrently, the +1 button platform is one of Google’s fastest growing widgets, with a growing following from advertisers. The marriage of the two occurs when Google injects endorsements from Google+ into sponsored links for brands who have gone ahead and implemented the +1 widget and have been endorsed by those in Google+’s circles.

2) Google +1 for websites is being woven into the fiber of search

For now, Google says that +1 will not affect the current search algorithm.  However, there is a significant impact to advertisers who do implement +1. There is the possibility that these advertisers may achieve incremental gains in CTR, which as a result will help improve ranking and quality score in the long run.

3) Google+ is growing at an exponential rate.

Paul Allen was recently reported to have estimated Google+ at 50 million users.  If this projection is correct, this means that 50 million users are potentially creating circles and segmenting themselves and their personal interests within their chosen circles whether professional, family, sports teams, etc.

4) Brands will win using Google+ and Google +1

Personal recommendations by friends will become the most effective way to advertise and thus  this will affect the new social search paradigm.

5) My favorite (and not-directly-related-to-search) feature is the live-stream hangouts, which have the potential to reach thousands.

Most recently, Google was able to demonstrate the power of the hangout with two very prominent political figures, the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. The experience which occurred last week between the two figures might be one of the greatest ways technology has recently been leveraged.



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