DataXu Welds Data Management Capabilities Into DX3


ADOTAS – Guess you can’t call it just a DSP anymore — by incorporating data management capabilities into its DSP, DataXu’s upgraded DX3 platform is being hailed by the company as a “fully integrated digital marketing management platform.” A mouthful, yes, but a fair assessment of a melded media planning/buying and data management and circulation system.

The data management element serves audience-related insight directly into DataXu’s targeting platform, which can also leverage other DSPs for buying purposes. Inventory sources run the gamut and criss-cross channels — from exchanges to supply-side platforms to video ad networks and exchanges.

Like other data management platforms, DataXu offers the ability to incorporate and manage first-party customer data with access points to third-party data providers (BlueKai, eXelate, Datonics, Rapleaf, etc.). Throughout campaigns, analytics data is entered into the system for targeting optimization. As the company does not run a third-party data marketplace, DataXu is citing the platform’s neutrality as an advantage (i.e., no conflicts of interest).

Unlike Turn’s DMP, DataXu’s data management functions are not a standalone product. However, as DataXu VP of Marketing Aaron Kechley noted, “the product is integrated, but open — so we will work with other DSPs.”

The company claims the new platform doubles campaign effectiveness and offers a threefold increase in data ROI. Clients using the DMP-integrated platform have reported up to 300% improvement in customer retention while reducing media costs by 60%.

The biggest challenge for CMOs is creating value from the flood of consumer data as everything goes digital,” said DataXu cofounder and CEO Mike Baker. “DX3 is a game-changer because it allows marketers to use their existing digital investments to discover real-time consumer insights that drive sales.”

The DX platform emerged from stealth mode at TechCrunch 50 in 2009; video and mobile RTB capabilities were introduced last year, while DataXu rounded out its offerings with the DX Social solution.


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