Burst Media Says 18% Take Action After Viewing Video Ad


ADOTAS – In correlation with its launch of 12 new Internet video channels with TV-style programming, blinkx wholly owned subsidiary Burst Media has released the interesting inforgraphic below, which suggests 18% of online video viewers took an action based on a suggestion from an ad. There’s lots of juicy factoids regarding the multiscreen experience and what kind of content users are sifting through, all courtesy of an October Burst survey.

The new channels will be available to Burst’s ecosystem of independent publishers to complement their self-produced content. Covering genres such as from food, fashion, celebrity gossip and gardening, Burst’s channels feature content from blinkx direct-play partners such as Reuters, Howcast, CelebTV, GeoBeats and TVGuide. In addition, Burst has partnered with social media advertiser BlogFrog.


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