BrightTag Allows You To Opt-Out Of Your Behavior


ADOTASBrightTag, a platform provider for digital marketing, has announced the general availability of BrightTag ONE-Click Preview, a new feature for brand marketers and website owners using the BrightTag ONE™ server-direct integration platform for data collection and distribution.

This feature enables marketers and website owners to provide effective privacy regulations on a global basis. In conjunction with the BrightTag ONE platform, the new offering provides a privacy toolkit that enables brands to:

Offer customers an opt-out choice that completely stops websites’ behavioral advertising partners from receiving data about those customers as they interact with the site

Honor consumers’ “Do Not Track” browser settings

Support current and future opt-in/opt-out regulations that vary by country and geography

Provide connectivity between the brand and its online behavioral advertising partner

“In the current environment, marketers who don’t have firm control over the activities of the companies that interact with consumers visiting their site face significant privacy risks,” said Jules Polonetsky, director of the Future of Privacy Forum. “This challenge only becomes more complex when responsible companies try to respect consumers’ privacy decisions in a complex, interconnected environment. BrightTag’s new offering gives online marketers a flexible and transparent way to comply with various and changing global privacy regulations.”

BrightTag ONE-Click Privacy addresses challenges in existing opt-out methods, allowing brand marketers and site owners to provide a simple one-click option to enforce consumer data collection and privacy preferences. The product transparently displays a real-time list of behavioral advertising partners active on the site.

Mike Sands, BrightTag CEO, commented, “BrightTag ONE-Click Privacy allows our brand partners/clients to have a privacy discussion directly with their customers and preserve the trust brands have built painstakingly through engagement. Our unique BrightTag ONE server-direct integration platform enables BrightTag to let our clients extend an additional layer of consumer privacy protection that goes beyond browser-based solutions. BrightTag ONE-Click Privacy is designed to help our clients comply with privacy requirements that vary market by market.”


  1. This is brilliant innovation. It also seems to be tremendously forward-thinking. So much more than “Tag Management”. BrightTag seems to be the most mature player in this space due to their big lead in tech, not just their client list or investor pool.


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