Adobe Buys Efficient Frontier


ADOTASAdobe announced today it had reached a deal to acquire the multi-channel digital advertising agency Efficient Frontier, whose optimization tools are used by Facebook. This makes Efficient Frontier the second ad-tech company to be bought by Adobe this month — on Nov. 1, the ubiquitous software firm picked up the video ad management company Auditude. Today’s deal is indicative of Adobe’s current efforts to focus on ways in which Adobe can help improve the reach of digital advertisers and marketers, considering how widely its software is used in the creation and dissemination of that advertising, and it’s hoping to benefit in turn — in a presentation to financial analysts earlier in November, Adobe predicted they’d pull in nearly $9 billion in sales of digital marketing products by 2014 (compare that to around $5 for 2011).

Efficient Frontier will evidently continue on as an independent entity under the umbrella of Adobe’s Digital Marketing Suite. There’s been no announcement yet of how much Adobe paid, but it’s worth noting Ad Age cited Efficient Frontier‘s 2010 revenue as $37.5 million.


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