Adform Learns Spanish, Opens Office In Spain


ADOTAS – Danish online company Adform is growing at a time when the market in southern Europe is not so consistent. Adform started serving the Italian market less than 10 months ago and has experienced a growth so substantial that as of Nov. 1, the company has opened a branch in Spain.

The growth of the firm is attributed to its comprehensive online display ad management suite. This platform enables agencies and advertisers to, among other things, post display ads in real time, optimize across media and centralize all reporting.

Miguel Fernandez-Gil, Adform’s business development director in Spain, considers it a likely possibility that the company will be able to mirror the Italian growth success in the Spanish market. “While the rest of the media market has prorogued, online display advertising here has increased by 14,” he says. “The rich media market, including video formats, in particular is gaining ground and now represents more than €70 million. There are not enough tools to handle demand in Spain.”

“Many of our competitors only offer a piecemeal solution that either handles media purchases or optimization, while we are able to deliver a comprehensive platform that covers the complete everyday media management in an agency, encompassing media planning, buying, optimization and reporting. We have been surprised by the high growth potential in Italy during this time of crisis and certainly recognize the possibility that the market may turn out to be even more attractive for us in Spain,” says Martin Stockfleth Larsen, marketing director of Adform.



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