Adform Changes Up The European Display Ad Game

Inplace #2

ADOTAS Adform has recently introduced features in real-time bidding. This has heightened its status in the online display advertising market in Europe. The ‘Real Time Bidding’ market is estimated to represent up to 6 billion dollars in the U.S. this year alone, and this figure is expected to quadruple by 2015.

Without having contact with the media where the ads are bought, media agencies and advertisers are now able to conduct their insertions via the online display platform Adform, whereby everything happens in real time as on a stock market, ensuring that prices and objectives are thoroughly up-to-date. As a result, advertisers’ ROI may be significantly increased, as transparency is greater with targeted purchases and the price previewing often decreases. Adform’s method also offers time-saving benefits, as it eliminates the need to have a media contact or to negotiate price, and it can be applied to all campaigns, regardless of size or economic status.

Martin Stockfleth Larsen, marketing director of Adform stated, “We have an extremely strong established position in Scandinavia, and with our take on real time bidding, we have our sights firmly set on the rest of the European market.”

Jesper Urban, Adform’s product director, explained, “Our competitors typically offer a platform that only handles media purchases. We have a unique platform that supports the entire process of online display advertising from media planning and buying to optimization and reporting. We will do our utmost to save our clients both time and money.”