WPP Audience-Buying Platform Xaxis Jumps on Video Train


ADOTAS – Xaxis, the recently launched audience buying platform for all of WPP’s many agencies, has introduced a video-buying solution tied into its DMP that will allow advertisers to supplement TV budgets through audience-based online video campaigns, as well as align these campaigns with audience targeting efforts in display, social and mobile.

Xaxis is offering four ad units that can be employed in campaigns separately or jointly: classic In-Stream Video with its various rolls; Dynamic Content Distribution, which enables the syndication of branded content; an Ad Selector unit allowing consumers to choose the ad or product they feel is most relevant; and Social Share Activator, a branded video player that shoots for social engagement.

On the analytics side, metrics from the video platform will not only show advertisers the direct effects of a video campaign, but also its “attribution halo” to campaigns running on other channels.

More than 20 publishers and networks have already been integrated into the platfrom, including Sony Pictures Television, Auditude, Digital Broadcasting Group, Tidal TV and WPP’s own 24/7 Real Media.

“For the first time ever, we’re allowing advertisers to realize the same brand value that they get from a television campaign in the online video space,” explained Xaxis CEO Brian Lesser. “By aggregating and standardizing the broadest range of high quality online video properties within a single, comprehensive platform, we offer brands the ability to design and run online video campaigns with the same type of consistency and precision that they use for their television ads.”



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