Wanna Chat During Ad Week? I’ll Be at Adotas Off-Duty


ADOTAS – Oh hell — it’s Advertising Week NYC already? My god, what will I wear to the countless events being thrown across the Big Apple? I mean, I can’t show up to the Open RTB event wearing the same band t-shirt I sported at the IAB MIXX Conference… Does Mogwai for IAB, Mission of Burma for Open RTB sound appropriate?

It’s going to be a ridiculous week judging by how many meeting requests I have sitting in my inbox right now. So many people want to say hello and give me a spiel about their digital wares, and you know what? I’d love to hear every pitch — those of you who have had the misfortune to have met me know I’m a sucker for cool tech. I wanna write about it all.

Alas, there are only so many hours in a day — and only so many times my ears can hear acronyms like DMP, DSP, SSP, OPP, etc… So you want to hobnob with me during Ad Week? This is where I’ll be on Tuesday night: Adotas Off-Duty at Cipriani Club 55 at 55 Wall St.

Sponsored by 24/7 Real Media, TRAFFIQ, Adometry and Big Fuel, this party celebrates the relaunch of our events section, which we are rebranding “Adotas Off-Duty”. You might have noticed our coverage of a Google Places-sponsored Digital DUMBO and Vice’s Digital Upfront. I’m going to be all over the NYC tech party scene with my camera and my quips.

But to show we know what makes a good party, we gotta throw one of our own first. And yes, we may call it “off-duty,” but who are we kidding? You’re never really off-duty in the digital ad space.

Once you RSVP and get your ass to Cipriani Downtown (don’t get it mixed up with the Cirpriani in Grand Central, though I’m sure you can find plenty of drunks in the train station to party down with) look for me — I’m the thin tall guy with medium-length dirty-blonde hair and a dirty smirk. Let’s talk — I’ll even take your picture.

But more important, you can schmooze with a roomful of important industry types — the kind that could have a serious effect on your business. Compared to that, who cares about some pipsqueak tech reporter?

The event only goes on till 10, so if you guys want to take the party elsewhere, I’m game — especially if we head back to my borough of choice, Brooklyn.


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