Three Tips For Creating Outstanding Email Newsletters


GRAPHICMAIL – On any given day, lots of emails can sail into your inbox, and you’ll probably be purging many of them indiscriminately.

With email inboxes more crowded than ever, at least half of the battle of successful email marketing is in finding ways to stand out from the crowd

Email users often view the lineup of messages in their inboxes via preview panes only. This means just a snapshot of each message is will be visible on a small portion of their screens, which is very limiting for email marketing.

This is why it’s essential that your email messages make a memorable entrance and get straight to the point.

Email marketers need to apply tactics to give their message greater impact because of subscribers’ short attention spans; so here are three tried and trusted creative tactics that’ll help boost your email’s appeal:

1) Make it Picture Perfect

Before anything else happens, people will connect visually with an email, and this is why newsletters with images always have higher readability rates than those without.

Including a picture of a product is an obvious tactic to increase your advertising power, but since you probably aren’t always just sending out product-oriented emails, adding relevant images for generic messages (such as a welcome email, sales follow-up, thank you letter or a birthday well-wish) is just as important.

Include at least one image in every promotional email. Photos as well as illustrations, cartoons, logos, and icons are all effective.

Experiment for yourself; see how much more interesting some of your own newsletter templates look with images vs. a version that has text only.

2) A Strong Headline Says it All

Interesting headlines stand out and are easily readable in preview panes, immediately drawing the reader to the main point of your message.

Don’t rely solely on a graphic header. Marketing messages require punch and relevancy. Each newsletter you send deserves a unique and compelling headline. Graphic banners are great for drawing the viewer’s eye, but you still need to give them a reason to take more than a fleeting interest and continue reading through to your call-to-action.

Keep in mind that headlines are tested by email filters, but you won’t need to go to great lengths to optimise these if you simply avoid spammy wording.

3) Less Is More

Simplicity is king. Too many bulk emails make the mistake of using up the entire space available within their design.

You never need to feel that you absolutely must fill every pixel with content. A few bold elements will draw more curiosity and it’s also important to give your readers’ eyes a rest and avoid making them feel overwhelmed by information.

People will size up whether they want to read and act on your newsletter in a few seconds, so let clean, clear, simple and to-the-point rule your design. Use subject lines, headlines, subheads, and short message copy to tell your story – instead of thick boxes of overcomplicated text. If you want to elaborate further, you can always add links.

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