Socialbakers Has New Ingredient With SocialRSS Acquisition


ADOTAS – On the heels of its acquisition of social analytics service, Socialbakers has purchased SocialRSS, the most popular RSS reader application on Facebook.

SocialRSS is a pretty literal name — the tool allows both Facebook users and brands to add RSS feeds from sites across the Internet to their walls, pages or tabs. That makes for some pretty useful data to add to Socialbakers’ social media analytics, which boasts 5 million Facebook pages and places indexed.

The goal of the two acquisitions appears to be dramatically expanding Socialbakers’ global presence — by threefold according to the company.

“We are seeing unprecedented demand from companies for more sophisticated consumer behavior analyses that can be mined from Facebook pages, places, applications, the Facebook platform, Facebook advertising prices, all in real-time, ” said CEO Jan Rezab. “We have successfully captured the European markets with UK, Germany,Turkey, Poland, and Spain in the lead. Our recent acquisitions allow us to triple our reach and we have aggressive plans to capture additional markets in the United States, Brazil and other non-European countries.”

In addition, Socialbakers has added Google+ to its lineup of analyzed social networks, which includes Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. According to the company, its customers represent 250,000 marketers worldwide, and they’ll all now have access to insights gleaned from Google’s nascent social play.

A few weeks after its launching its social media analytics suite at the DEMO Conference in early September, Socialbakers scored $2 million in funding from Earlybird Venture Capital at the end of last month.


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