ReTargeter Hits Social Mark With New Offerings


ADOTAS – Topping off its already large roster of products, ReTargeter is back with a suite of social retargeting services that it claims can increase conversions by up to 50% and improve retargeting efficiency around 10 times.

The suite consists of three products:

  • RTInfluencer assists brands in targeting social influencers (e.g., branded content sharers on social networks) and their followers.
  • RTDiscover indexes top Twitter users by category, and then targets them over email and display channels with customized messages; and
  • RTInteractive replaces static creative with ads that encourage engagement, including new text and video content, polls and feeds from other social media.

This latest line of solution builds on other ReTargeter social media products such as Fan ReTargeting, which encourages targets to Like a brand on Facebook; ReFollower, which uses a Twitter Feed to retarget with the goal of increasing a brand’s following; and RT Enage, which retargets an audience and its social graph with real-time content.


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