Quick Hits: Cognitive Match and Adnetik Hook Up, NeverBlue Introduces Day-Parting

Inplace #2

ADOTAS – Dynamic creative targeter Cognitive Match has partnered with AdNetik to bring its real-time dynamic creative solution to impression by impression buying on AdNetik’s Audience Investment Management platform. Last week Cognitive Match incorporated eXelate’s audience data into both its dynamic creative preparation and hybrid audience- and contextual-based targeting.

Lead-gen network NeverBlue has introduced a day-parting service to its affiliate interface, allowing clients to break down and optimize campaigns by hour of the day, day of the week, week of the month, and month of the year. In addition, reports can be filtered by country, region and even the time zone of an affiliate’s location.

A new study by Casale Media suggests that digital video ad spend will increase by 25% over the next year to amount to about 23.8% of total online ad budgets. Just 23.8%? Well, Casale found that 40% of advertisers were holding back on the space because it’s too difficult to measure ROI, while 38% cited a lack of enough ROI to justify increasing spend. At the same time, 80% of respondents said video ads increased awareness of traditional and new brands, products and/or services — considering how much online and mobile video have exploded over the last year, perhaps ROI isn’t being defined correctly…

Publisher Ad Network (PAN) has introduced the easily implemented Platinum Reel, which provides publishers with fully-licensed video content related to a site’s content focus (e.g., level guides for gaming sites, television episode recaps for entertainment sites) along with advertising, from which pubs get a cut of the revenue. Currently the program is in a phased rollout and only available for entertainment, fashion/beauty and gaming publishers — the latter appears to be the prime target as PAN boasts the high quality of its original gaming videos.

Real-time brand lift measurement and optimization service Vizu Corporation has integrated its tools into Firefly Video, powered by Tribal Fusion’s E9 Audience Engagement Platform.

DIDMO, the Swedish-based company behind cross-platform mobile app development tool Magmito, released version 3.0 of the platform, which allows developers to remove the main menu to build “one-page apps” and a “copy page” function. In addition, the company launched the Magmito Application Developer (MAD) Certification Program so developers can promote they know their way around the program — so, yes, they can call themselves MAD men (and women).

Digitas has built a Mobile Retail Showcase in its Boston office to illustrate how cool mobile-related tech — such as QR codes, NFC and augmented reality — are transforming retail marketing. The room is pretty epic, resembling an exhibit at a museum — can Digitas clients bring their whole families to learn and be awed?

Rabbit Punches:

Ad tech finance platform FastPay has officially launched, with $25 million already in the pockets of media companies.

Cox Digital Solutions is giving its pubs access to real-time bidding through the new CDS Connect platform powered by AppNexus.

Media Ventures Group and Blue Sky Media are teaming up.

According to video platform YuMe’s third-quarter video ad metrics report, completion rates for 15-second pre-rolls are up to 79% from 72% last quarter, while their 30-second cousins are up to 68% from 64%.

Blogging community YouSayToo has partnered with InfoLinks to offer bloggers contextually targeted in-text advertising.

Since January, GSI Commerce’s PepperJam Exchange has added 275 affiliate programs, including retailers Toys ‘R’ Us, Aéropostale, Timberland and Anthropologie, who all named the PepperJam Exchange the exclusive tech platform for their affiliate marketing programs.