Quick Hits: Auditude Finds Mid-Roll Still Has Best Video Completion Rate


ADOTAS – Studying 11 billion impressions across 300 publishers, video ad server Auditude found that mid-roll video units still have the highest completion rate at 75%. In addition, ad completion rates on live content came in at 86% compared to video-on-demand content at 60%. Also interesting, in-stream ads on professional content saw completion 68% of the time versus 52% for UGC. You can download the whole report here (PDF). On a side note, has Auditude ever considered rewriting the words to The Misfits’ “Attitude” (NSFW — at high volumes) for the company theme song? I bet they could even get Glenn Danzig to sing “Auditude… You got some f—ing Auditude!

Some cool tidbits from browser builder Opera’s State of the Mobile Web — derived from data collected by subsidiary AdMarvel, which runs Opera’s Open Mobile Ad Exchange — for September 2011: Android users are more likely to visit education-related sites, but least likely to visit social media sites via mobile browser. Feature phone users, not surprisingly, are the most likely to hit up the mobile website versions of social sites. Also interesting, Windows Phone users are the most likely to visit email or communication sites — maybe WP7 email apps aren’t up to consumers’ standards?

Performics Social Shopping Study Infographic October 2011

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And how about another survey? New data from Performics, the performance marketing arm of Publicis Groupe, finds that online activity while in a store is increasingly popular, with 62% of those surveyed admitting to conducting online price comparisons while at a retailer and 41% use search engines for additional real-time research. Also, 45% virtually “check in” to stores and 25% said they pause before purchasing something at a retailer to seek advice on a social network (with 41% of that group waiting 5 to 10 minutes for feedback). Finally, 30% use mobile barcode scanners, and speaking of…

• Mobile barcode specialists Scanbuy, whose David Javitch contributed a piece on smart QR code implementation to Adotas yesterday, announced that its QR codes can now be found in Starbucks locations nationwide, as well as in print and outdoor ads for the chain coffe shop. Scanning one of the barcodes leads smartphone users to a mobile-formatted Starbucks landing page featuring a video on Caffe Verona and recommendations and suggestions related to Fall coffee products. Oh, and of course there’s a store locator.

Rabbit Punches

With growth of 1,721% over the last three years, B2B-based audience targeting network Bizo snagged the number four slot on the San Francisco Business Times list of Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Bay Area.

Yahoo!, Lotame and [x+1] veteran Scott Hoffman is the new COO at Sociocast, an analytics and behavioral prediction service for both advertisers and publishers. In addition, Joe Doran (LiveTout founder and former m6d founding CEO) and Jeffrey Silverman (former DoubleClick executive and current Laconia Ventures partner and New York Angels board member) joined Sociocast’s advisory board.

A new study from CityGrid Media found that 59% of survey respondents head to a search engine first when researching a business online, while 8% immediately to the merchant’s website.



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