Ooyala Sweetens Pub Video Analytics Through Facebook Connect


ADOTAS – As Ooyala CEO Jay Fulcher explained to us when the video tech firm partnered up with Yahoo! Japan, the real allure of its Backlot video platform is its incomparable analytics. Well Ooyala’s platform just added a bit more “come hither” with the release of Custom Analytics with Business Dimension Reporting… Well, the name doesn’t sound as enticing as “edible underwear,” but audience details vida Facebook Connect should be a turn on for publishers.

Publishers that have installed Facebook Connect will have access to greater detail about their video viewers — such as interests, hometown, educational background, etc. — while assuring user identity stays private as all data is based on tags. In addition, the new custom analytics offer publishers the ability to compare viewing behaviors of specific audiences — anything from men vs. women to… anime fans vs drama lovers. (Ooyala’s example — I was still thinking about edible underwear.)

“Online, panel data is dead,” proclaimed Bismarck Lepe, Ooyala president of products and co-founder. “In a connected world, it’s all about real data that is produced in real-time. The future of targeted video campaigns will revolve around making analytics much more actionable and personalized.”

Last month, Motorola Mobility (the Moto that Google is trying to buy) made astrategic investment in Ooyala, the amount undisclosed. The next day the company released its Ooyala Social product, allowing Facebook users to live chat while sharing a video-viewing experience and watch video across multiple screens and devices.


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