Off-Duty: And the Winner Is…


ADOTAS – Oh wow… Who knew my hangover from the Adotas Off-Duty party Cipriani Club 55 on Tuesday was going to last more than a day? I woke up yesterday with a killer headache and a giant bag full of business cards. What the hell? I thought, but then I remembered…


That’s right — Adotas wanted to thank all you fine people for spending a bit of your Advertising Week partying with us by offering you the chance to win a $300 gift card to the Apple Store.

So let me reach into my sack and… Ouch, these things are really pointy… And the winner is:

Vanessa Branco, vice president of advertising and sales for MindSmack. Congratulations, Vanessa — I’d tell you not to spend the whole gift card in one place but… Well, you kinda have to. Get in touch with to collect your prize.

Once again, thanks to everyone else for coming out to Adotas Off-Duty, and we hope to see the rest of you at the next one!


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