Off-Duty: Adotas Throws a Serious Shindig at Cipriani


ADOTAS – To launch our new event and party section Off-Duty, Adotas was forced to show it knew how to judge a good time because it could throw one.

Sponsored by 24/7 Real MediaTRAFFIQAdometry and Big Fuel — and put together with a great assistance from Max Ramirez of Digital Media Events — Adotas Off-Duty packed the bar at Cipriani Club 55 with representatives from just about every nook and cranny of the digital advertising space.

Before the mass consumption of alcohol and foodstuffs, Adotas hosted an event with some top-notch speakers. First Big Fuel CEO Jon Bond, cofounder of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, expounded about trends and opportunities agencies are missing in the social media arena. Then Paul Pellman, CEO of Adometry, gave a brief talk about attribution models before 24/7 Real Media SVP of Business Development Larry Allen discussed why finding a digital advertising partner was so imperative in the ultra-cluttered space.

But enough work! It was time for drinks and food. I sipped white wine and listened in disbelief as Bradley Lewis, CEO and founder of QR Media Group, explained the impetus for his QR code social network Skanz came from reading an article… on Adotas. Wow, we’re actually inspirational. Indeed, Lewis has really taken the idea of QR codes and run with it, as Skanz’ customizable codes can be used to do anything from managing contacts (and all their social links) to aiding brands in instantly engaging consumers.

We promised to talk more later, as I was distracted by how incredible my proscuitto and mozzarella appetizer was — seriously, I hadn’t eaten so good since I was last in Italy. More wine flowed, and I found myself telling TRAFFIQ CEO Nick Pahade about my time at, which included the dark period after Chairman Jim Cramer was dissected by Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show.” My main course, grilled sea bass, was absolutely luscious, but I couldn’t stick around for desert because the party had started.

Immediately I ran into folks from e-Miles, a company I wrote about a few weeks ago, who discussed future plans for its value exchange service. I also ran into Londa Lavender, the senior director of business development for Datonics, and caught up on what’s going on at the third-party data provider, which was recently spun off from AlmondNet.

I also chatted up a few guys from Evidon, who really needed their drinks considering the complications inherent in getting the behavioral opt-out system perfect. John Mracek, CEO of Netseer, also said hi, and commented on some partnerships the concept-based conceptual targeter is working out.

And right at the end of the evening, I was introduced to a slew of Finnish mobile companies that were in town to promote their wares. Ismo Rantala, CEO of the Finnish Mobile Association, intrigued me with details of an incubator specifically for mobile companies hailing from Finland that his association was currently trying to build in NYC.

All in all, I had a great time, and was thoroughly exhausted from meeting exciting new faces in the industry as well as catching up with old pros. But don’t just take my word for it — we have photographic proof.



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