UPDATE: InboundWriter Offers WordPress Plugin for Real-Time Content Optimization

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ADOTASUPDATE: When I first wrote about InboundWriter last week — software that assists content makers in optimizing for SEO and social media during the composition process — I have to admit I was a little disappointed that the program was separate from content management systems like WordPress. In effect, authors typed up their posts in InboundWriter, and then copy and paste the optimized piece into the web publisher.

God, what a process! Who has the time? I demand convenience — where’s the WordPress plugin, dammit?

Oh, developer Eightfold Logic just released it right here. That was quick, guys — thanks! For those of you who prefer another CMS over WordPress, I’m told Eightfold Logic is working on integrations with additional popular online publishers. In particular, I think software like InboundWriter will come in very handy for companies setting upon branded content endeavors like those described by MovableMedia’s Andrew Boer.

Here’s my coverage from last week detailing how InboundWriter goes about the real-time content optimization process and a study detailing real-world results:

During less employed times, I would skim the classifieds for editing positions and grimace when I saw “knowledge of SEO writing and editing techniques” under qualifications. If you haven’t noticed, I’m one of those snotty writers who is horrified by the prospect of marring my Joycean prose with search-engine friendly terminology and phrasing.

OK, maybe I’m just not that great at SEO — I mean, it’s not like there’s a simple set of rules to follow, or a major search engine that doesn’t constantly update its algorithm. Besides, isn’t there some copy monkey who can do it for me? (That endangered species prefers the title “copy editor” and increasingly, no.). Or maybe some software?

Well, now there is, and it helps with that pesky “social media engagement” thingy too. (Guess I can’t use the excuse anymore that the unwashed masses are too uneducated to comprehend my extended metaphors.) Social writing application InboundWriter employs multiple SEO techniques during the composition process to improve not just organic search (by as much as 25% according to the website) but also social media engagement.

Currently in beta, the cloud-based software offers real-time (that is, during the composition process) insight into understanding audience and search keywords from topics discussed in social media conversations, search queries and similar content on competing sites. InboundWriter is not a content management system or a CMS plugin — writers compose within the software and then move it to the company CMS to publish. In addition, the software offers granularity in how much to push a certain goal (e.g., driving retweets vs. higher rankings on Google).

A new study by online marketers and social media pioneers Bryan Eisenberg, Jay Baer and Pelin Thorogood suggests that such “real-time content optimization” produces real results. For example. Baer rewrote five blog posts using InboundWriter, and witnessed traffic jump 33% compared to when they were first published 30 days before. Six out of seven new blog posts created using InboundWriter ended up in the Google top 10 rankings for their targeted terms within two days of publication.

Finally this quite hilarious marketing video from the company suggests that put-upon writers like me should actually be pitying those poor SEOs all alone in the underbelly of an organization, completing menial tasks across countless URLS when they could be playing with their friends. (Not outside though — everyone knows SEOs are deathly allergic to sunshine.)