GreyStripe’s AdBoosters Pump Up the Click-to Actions


ADOTAS – Mobile ad network GreyStripe, now part of the ValueClick family, has introduced a new series of mobile ad units with Ad Boosters, 40×40 click-to action buttons out of the way of the actual campaign message. These touchpoints can be customized depending on what kind of action the campaign (or even a specific message) is trying to drive — current buttons cover all the major social networks as well as mobile websites, videos, downloads and click-to-call.

The buttons are featured in a static space below a 300×250 ad unit to keep the click-to actions from invading the campaign messaging space. The unit also keeps a 300×100 image — presumably a brand logo — steady at the top of the screen.

Greystripe is also offering several templates based on campaign objectives and targeting. There’s straight social for advertisers seeking to drive consumer engagement on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. But there’s also a series of vertical specific bundles aimed at retail, consumer packaged goods, automotive, travel, technology, health and restaurant advertisers. For example, Greystripe’s retail booster unit features button templates for store location, couponing and instant purchase.

Of course, the Boosters are completely customizable. No doubt this straightforward format will be handy for mobile advertisers testing creative and click-to action combinations at scale in order to find that golden setup for engaging consumer interaction.



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