eXelate Infuses Audience Data Into Cognitive Match’s Dynamic Creative Targeting


ADOTAS – As we wrote earlier this week, hunting down cookied users on the exchanges for retargeting purposes can prove to be absolutely useless if the ad itself is completely irrelevant to the surrounding content.

However, relavent ad creative is another pertinent part of the retargeting equation — I personally hate getting retargeted by companies offering services or products I just purchased. Hence why many retargeting services have partnered with dynamic creative companies or built similar in-house solutions to deliver relevant creative to the right users.
But think about about applying dynamic creative on a bigger scale, more top-of-funnel — what if you used audience data not only to target audience segments but also determine which creative to serve. And then to create a well-rounded solution, why not include intent data and contextual targeting?

That seems to be the thinking behind data marketplace and management service eXelate’s partnership with dynamic creative targeting service Cognitive Match, which boasts a scalable decision engine that employs hundreds of data points from a variety of sources to make real-time content choices for ad creative.

eXelate’s data is being infused into both of Cognitive Match’s products: First, through Dynamic Creative Targeting for Ads eXelate’s data will be employed to locate potential targets along with contextual and intent data, and then employed in the MatchMaker ad configuration tool. Machine-learned insights, semantic technologies, and psychological findings are considered as well in building creating units that either promote a message — optimized using thousands of creative and message variation — or advertising a single product or multiple products through a carousel.

Then for the Dynamic Creative Targeting for Sites, eXelate’s data will be used alongside visitor behavior and publisher audience segments to target relevant onsite content — whether it be similar products on an e-commerce site or other content like videos for a media site — in real time to users currently on a site.

“By integrating eXelate’s targeting data with Cognitive Match’s Dynamic Creative Targeting technology, we’re enabling our clients to tailor a critical aspect of a consumer’s browsing session: the message and creative within each digital ad,” commented Cognitive Match founder and CEO Alex Kelleher. “The additional audience insight provided by eXelate will fuel increased engagement, conversion and ROI for our clients.”



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