Case Study: Local Advertisers Engage Consumers Through Liquidus’ Rich Media


ADOTAS – It may seem like big fish such as Google and Facebook will dominate the feeding frenzy over increased local advertising media spend, but smaller advertisers are also looking for innovations from the traditional media distributors who have served them well in the past. And that’s where technology platforms like Liquidus, known for its rich media ads, comes into play, offering engaging advertising at a local and targeted level.

In the case study below, Liquidus created a lead-gen platform for a Cincinnati television station that enabled advertisers to engage consumers through customizable rich media connected to inventory.


WCPO Channel 9 in Cincinnati has been on the air since 1949 and has a nationally-recognized history of providing first-rate news coverage. It is a part of the E.W. Scripps Company (Scripps), a diversified media company and owner of multiple television stations and newspapers.

Scripps required a new online advertising platform for WCPO and its other properties to add some variety and dynamic content for its demanding advertisers.

The Engagement Challenge

Scripps desired an advertising solution that could promote end-user engagement and result in higher ROI for advertisers.

WCPO was deeply involved with making a high volume of Flash-based creative for multiple clients and wanted a solution that could help properly display that content within interactive banner ads. They also wanted to utilize a database-driven solution that could provide the flexibility needed by the end advertiser.

Innovative Solution

WCPO has used both Bannerlink and Videolink since 2009 to present dynamic and interactive advertisements for Cincinnati-area businesses.

Using the Liquidus solution, WCPO offers its advertisers a lead-generation platform that helps them acquire accurate customer data by encouraging them to share personal data.

Advertisers benefit from the customization options within the Liquidus solutions, which allow creation of unique shopping experiences. This customization promotes awareness of the advertiser’s offerings, allows them to introduce new products in real-time and results in better sales conversion. Advertisers can choose different settings, colors and product display options within each banner.

Consumers enjoy the ability to sort through different product options within the banner, which results in deeper and more sustained interaction and brand awareness. For an automobile ad, consumers are able to dynamically choose vehicle color and other variables while browsing through the banner. They are presented with a full inventory, helping them to quickly decide if they want to move forward to the dealership’s site or to call or email for an in-person visit.

This enhanced consumer interaction and engagement allows advertisers using Bannerlink and Videolink to consistently achieve interaction rates of five times those of traditional rich media. Bannerlink provides WCPO and Scripps with useful metrics beyond just impression and click-through-rate. Expansion and interaction rates, and average video play time are all recorded and available, providing WCPO and the advertiser with more data

The real-time video and image rendering provided by Liquidus means advertisers can offer the most current products and services. This process doesn’t require costly editing, making it extremely cost efficient to promote limited-time sales or remove discontinued inventory.

Immediate Results

WCPO and Scripps have experienced significant advertiser buy-in using Liquidus, with several advertisers in multiple verticals reporting increased ROI and better brand awareness.

One particularly pleased WCPO advertiser was a coin shop operation that desired a better way to advertise its precious coins in a more dynamic fashion. Using Bannerlink and Videolink, WCPO was able to provide the shop with seamlessly flowing images that showcased the breadth of its collection. The database engine allowed real-time changes to images to remove sold items and also to promote interesting new pieces to entice collectors.

For WCPO, the Liquidus solutions give them an added advantage when trying to attract advertisers. The interactive advertisements encourage real interaction with the end customer, who can quickly learn more about products or services without clicking to a new website. These customers are “pre-qualified” through their interaction with the advertisements and are ultimately more likely to make purchases.

“A big part of Liquidus’ competitive advantage is their ability to handle any issues quickly and completely,” said Rob Schuck, sales manager at WCPO. “We also appreciate all of the reporting metrics, which allow us to give our advertisers updated information and make content changes on the fly.”


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