Case Study: Hodes Group and MediaMind Employ Exchange Buying for Employee Recruiting


ADOTAS – Why bother calling a head hunter when you can target display advertising at high-potential candidates? That seemed to be the thinking of the Fortune 500 entertainment company that hired recruitment marketer Bernard Hodes Group, which in turn employed MediaMind’s Smart Trading platform for exchange buying, to use advanced targeting methods in its recruiting efforts. According to the below report, the cost per conversion garnered on Smart Trading was 58% lower than all other non-premium buys.

From MediaMind: “Smart Trading Reduces Cost per Conversion by 58%”


For a U.S.-based Fortune 500 entertainment company, recruiting and retaining a large number of talented technicians throughout the nation is fundamental to meeting customer needs.

That’s why in Q1 of 2011, the company engaged the digital specialists at Bernard Hodes Group, the leading ad agency specializing in recruitment marketing, to develop a highly targeted online campaign to generate an ongoing stream of online completed applications.

The Bernard Hodes Group digital team developed an innovative multi- pronged strategy that included premium inventory on career sites, emails, AdWords, job sponsorships, and non-premium inventory via networks and exchange, the latter led by MediaMind Smart Trading.

Goals and Parameters

• Recruit job seekers with specific technical skills
• Online completed application = Conversion
• Hit below target cost per conversion
• Geo-targeting: USA


To optimize reach and results for the non-premium buy, Bernard Hodes Group utilized networks and bought media from exchanges using MediaMind Smart Trading. Smart Trading is a demand-side platform (DSP) solution that allows clients to buy and easily manage media across ad exchanges.

Matt Luba, Senior Vice President at Bernard Hodes Group, oversees the client’s digital media planning, forecasting and performance. “Networks and exchanges play an increasingly important role in buying targeted media for our clients,” he says. “The MediaMind Smart Trading approach yielded great results. It outperformed all other buys, helping our client achieve their objectives while maintaining an impressive ROI. Smart Trading yielded the greatest number of conversions and hires, while producing the lowest cost per conversion and lowest cost per hire.”

Smart Trading was able to deliver dramatically superior results by every measure. Smart Trading averaged a cost per conversion that was 58% lower than all other non-premium buys combined.

Smart Trading’s advanced analytical and optimization technology and transparent pricing delivered unmatched ROI for the advertiser.


Advertisers and agencies are increasingly shifting budget toward exchange-based buys, in part because platforms like MediaMind Smart Trading enable strategic targeting to drive phenomenal ROI. Powered by a team of trading specialists, easy to manage for optimal performance, and designed for brand protection, Smart Trading enables agencies and advertisers to define, reach and engage an audience with exceptional precision and economy.



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